As I recall, year 2014 and 2015 my cousin Cherry Ann keeps talking and planning (sarcastic way) to have their 3rd child. Every time she approach and reach out to her husband we thought that it’s not serious and she is just teasing him. But there is something in the two of them I felt and see that they really wanted to have a baby and I’m talking about baby boy. The couple already have 2 cute and adorable little girls Kish Anne 9, and Kriz Anne 3.


This year is just a good year for the couple. My cousin found out that she’s pregnant. As we wait for  18-20 weeks (about four and a half to five months) of her pregnancy to know the gender of the baby, I think me and my other cousins were excited about it, more excited I mean. I remember the ultrasound was scheduled after Kish Anne’s birthday celebration (June 18). From the hotel where we celebrated my niece’s birthday, they decided that me, Chummy, Mommy Liza, and Ron will go home first to bring things and to prepare lunch for all of us, while the kids together with Ate Darlene and Ate Lani accompanied Ate Ann & Kuya Don(Ate Ann’s husband) to the hospital for the much awaited revelation.

As we are too busy cleaning up and preparing food for lunch at home, we lost in mind the ultrasound appointment. After an hour they send me message to prepare the food in the table so when they arrive we will eat together. As they arrived past 2 in the afternoon, my cousin (Ate Darlene) and Ate Lani announced the gender of the baby (FYI: they were more excited to split the news than the couple)☺ tadaaaaaan……….. It’s a BABY BOY!!☺♥whatsapp-image-2016-10-15-at-2-42-27-pm

It is really indeed an answered prayer for the family specially for the couple. I remembered when Kuya Don plays with Kriz Anne and he teaches her basketball, football, and war games, he even let her watch war movies (Mista by the Padilla brothers.hahahahah) and Ate Ann is annoyed and irritated about it because Kriz Anne is a girl not a boy.

Anyways, as we keep on counting days, we are all excited for the baby to come out. We also suggested some names. ( I was one of the active name giver) I suggested at first King Ares. I asked almost every time I make visit if when is the due date and is she feeling okay or any pain in her body. Crazy/excited right? Last week of September when I visited them and ask Ate Ann about her tummy, she told me that she feels she will give birth anytime soon contradict to the doctor’s estimation that the due date will be on October 25-26.

Saturday evening(October 1) I went to their flat late and they were all awake. I’m talking about 11 PM. As I ask them whats really going on, they told me that Ate Ann was on labor. They went to the hospital to check if the baby is really coming, and the doctor told them “maybe tomorrow” and they went back home and again go back to hospital for admission. ‘Twas 2 days after we talk about what she feels and think about her early delivery and then baby really came out. October 2, 2016 11:48 AM @ Burjeel Hospital, Abu Dhabi.

Say Hello to our little prince “Prince Marco Sablas Arcadio” 

As the Lord says,

I will send down showers in season; there will be showers of blessings. -Ezekiel 34:26

Blessed is the one who trust the Lord, whose confidence is in Him. -Jeremiah17:7


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