I had a very paradoxical week and it appears funny for me because of things and memories from the past that had caused me heartaches but then, I am reminiscing them all now and realize the effect of it.

I will share with you why I have a very good Thursday morning. Not because its the last day of work and not about my previous love story but because of my old school playlist that you will surely like too.

Looking back and listening to songs that suites in every situation. From happy memories to heart breaking moments (breakups), and moving on.

►Never Thought That I Could Love by Dan Hill & I Never Dreamed Someone Like You Could Love Someone Like Me by Katie Irving – Best songs for firsts. First I love you’s/I love you too’s, first kiss, first sweet moments together and first chills. When you’re from a very horrible past relationship but then you never expected someone will come and change all your what if’s and doubts and then you fall in love again.

►I Wanna Take Forever Tonight by Peter Cetera ft. Crystal BernardI Will Take You Forever by Christopher Cross ft. France Rupelle – Perfect for sweet and blissful moments with your boyfriend/girlfriend. When you sometimes realize that he’s/she’s the one. When you see your future with him/her. When you are really sure that forever exist in your relationship.

►Meet Me Half Way by Kenny Logins – best song for on the rocks situation. 🙂 We’re good but we’re not. Hot & Cold.

►Hard To Say I’m Sorry by Chicago – Ego & Pride do exist. It saddens me when these two appears in the middle of the fight and it may leads to break up. A simple sorry and I love you will do, but we sometimes think that we are always right. We just realize we are wrong when he/she leaves.

►Where Do Broken Hearts Go by Whitney Houston – Road trip to Sagada, Cordillera Mountains. Well, the  best answer to that question is “go to your bedroom and cry out loud” loud as you can. Crying doesn’t mean your weak or fragile, it means that you are throwing all aches and hatred out in your heart. We sometimes feel fed up and tired of everything. We have two options: Drag yourself down and never get up or rise and be strong.

►How Do You Heal A Broken Heart by Chris Walker –  this song actually appears in the middle of letting go and moving on. Good question Chris Walker. Broken heart heals when you feel loved, cared, and appreciated by someone. That someone is not your past boyfriend/girlfriend, that someone is maybe your friends/best friends, cousins/relatives, nieces/nephews, and most of all your parents. Your broken heart will heal faster if you know how to forgive and accept all circumstances. Don’t look for a rebound, it’s not a good IDEA. Trust me. It won’t work and it will totally hurt someone else. Always remember, KARMA exist and nowadays, it’s digital (if you know what I mean).

►When She Cries by Restless Heart – Perfect to someone who secretly likes or loves you. Who knows if your friend/best friend likes you but  then hesitates to court you because you like some else. But now that you broke up with your EX, he/she is just there for you and waiting for your heart to completely heal. (Don’t take this seriously guys, just my playful thoughts) ☺

►Separate Lives by Phil Collins – Bitterness explodes!!! Then you’ll say this “You have no right to ask me how I feel, you have no right to speak to me so kind”. What the heck!! After all the pain he/she gave you then now, he/she is asking about how you feel??? Shame on you! hahahaha #affected ☺ This is when you try to live your life without him/her then suddenly out of nowhere he/she appears. His/Her presence makes you sick out of the thought that he/she broke your heart.

►The Man Who Can’t Be Moved by The Script – Hoping/ Expecting/ Anticipating/ Wanting/ Wishing  for him/her to come back. You always thought of the possibilities. What if’s kills you. Why? Because not all you want you can get. We sometimes thinks that it’s not over, we fight for it, but then you’ll get hurt over and over again but this situation leads you to a better version of yourself. This cruel, nasty, detrimental, and maleficent situation makes you stronger and wiser.

►Someday by Nina – perfect song for someone who hopes to love and to be loved.  Never forget to love. Don’t let hatred consume you. The right person for you is out there also waiting for you. You’ll just have to wait for the perfect timing. God has more better plans for you. Just wait for it. ☺

►Starting Over Again by Natalie Cole – this song suites you when you found love. Not from the past but this time from a NEW L♥VE. ☺ Start your love story in a better version, newest edition and this could be the BEST EPISODE you’ve wanted. Make the most out of it. Enjoy.

►Save The Best For Last by Vanessa Williams – the tittle of the songs says it all. Maybe you had a horrendous relationship, but always remember great things comes to those who waits.

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