Earlier this year, my colleague from my previous company invited me to join SFC (Singles For Christ). I had many reasons why I don’t want to join. First, I was too busy for work and I had no time for myself, even my weekend is occupied. Second, I was not ready for commitment specially for church activities. Well, I seldom go to church, Friday mass or Saturday mass or Sunday mass. It always depends on my schedule.

I was actually fed up and almost depressed of all the challenges I encountered for the past 9 months. From my father’s death (14 Febuary 2016), to stressed and toxic environment at work, change of management to unstable salary, and looking for a new job. I can really say that this year is not a “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” for me. By means of depression, I almost wanted to go home and spend my life with my mother. But as I think and rethink of what life awaits me in the Philippines, it would be better if  I just look harder for a new job and still continue to dream.

As I was attending Holy Mass at Saint Therese Church, I just prayed to God, as I fully remembered my prayer to him was, I am not worthy for an answered prayer but I just wanted to ask you a favor, help me find a good and stable job with good colleagues and good salary and I will fully come back to you (I know it was a bit demanding but my faith to him never fades) and I will join Singles For Christ. But then God answered my prayer.

I was jobless for 50 days. But that 50 days of no work, I had several interviews. I barely feel unsecured of all interviews I haunt until I received a call and read an email. capture

From screening interview conducted by HR Manager to final interview conducted by General Manager/COO and Finance Manager who were nice and approachable (I guess) at that time, I thank God for a very smooth and relaxed interview. I was like talking to someone I just met and just asking for my biography. After my final interview, they were asking for my documents that I was thinking they just wanted to see it or maybe they have doubt/s on my Residence Visa status. But then I was wrong.


As I remembered my promise to God that if he gave me a good and stable job with good colleagues although the salary was not that good but I look at it as a challenge so I can improve my self and let the management see/feel that I am worthy of a higher salary ( I hope so) I will join SFC.

I joined the Christian Life Program last 5th of August 2016 . I just can’t remember where I found my guts for me to enter the yellow hall and sit and talk to other people that I haven’t met. But then I was just  thinking at that time “It was my first day in college, and we are having orientation, and they are my new classmates”. hahaha then I had my group.

Talk 1 was about God’s Love.  I was evocative and ashamed. Evocative because I know I was brought up in a well-oriented catholic family with strong faith and love for God but then I was the one who snob Jesus. Ashamed because every time I ask something to God he answers and grant my desires.

Who am I? Am I that special to him despite the fact that I always snob him and I was focused on my goals without him? In fact I am nobody. For the past 9 Talks (which I will share one by one in my next blog) slowly I discover some answers for my what’s and why’s.

God indeed never leaves me. Through my ups and downs, my most breakable moments to my happiest days he (God) was with me all throughout my life. Am I worthy of this? I confidently believe I’am because I am his child and he never leaves nor forsake his child. He forgives and love and he strengthens me everyday.

For all the blessings God gave to me, God deserves my fully strengthen faith and my unshakable love for him .

Talk 1: God’s Love | First group picture of Chapter B1.



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