As I was the only child in my family, I had in mind to pay all the hardship my mother and father did just to send me to a good private school from primary to secondary until college. I had this hang-up on giving back. Either to my parents, relatives, or friends.

 Well, unfortunately, I haven’t finish my studies. One of the reason why I impulse to go abroad is that, if I won’t finish my degree I have no future job in Philippines and I won’t be able to proffer the needs of my parents and for my self as well. 

I had a little amazement finding a good and decent job here abroad and having a good salary because I don’t have any certificate/s (diploma) as they call it here. I only brought my secondary certificate/s and yet I found a good one. 

Shout out to Mr. & Mrs. Hermocilla (my father’s best friend) for the help. I owe to them 1/4 of my achievements here abroad. Without their help I can’t make it here. Also to my cousins Ate Darlene Mae and Ate Cherry Ann with husband Kuya Don, thank you for the encouragement and support, specially for giving attention for my visa. 

However, I am still making ways to pay all the help and support from family, relatives, and friends. Also for all who prayed for me, big thanks to all of you. 

God bless to all!

Arcadio Family
Mr. & Mrs. Margarito & Cherry Ann Arcadio with kiddos
From left to right – Den, Ate Darlene, Ate Ann, and Ate Kikay
Mr. & Mrs. Jovencio and Josephine Hermocilla